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Oxidation coating graphite electrode
     Surface coated with anti-oxidation protective layer (graphite electrodes antioxidants) graphite electrodes. Forming a protective layer both conductive and high temperature oxidation of the electrode to reduce the time consumption of steel (19% ~ 50%), to extend the service life of the electrode (22% ~ 60%), reducing power consumption of the electrode. Promote the use of this technology can bring such economic and social effects:
     ①less unit consumes of graphite electrode , there is a reduction in production costs. For example, a steel mill, according to the annual 35 pieces LF level refining furnace graphite electrodes, around 165 refining furnace consumption calculation processing occurs after the use of graphite electrodes anti-oxidation technology, annual savings of 373 graphite electrodes ,(153 tons) electrodes, high power electrode 16,900 tonne per year yuan calculation, saving 2,585,700 yuan.
     ②Graphite electrode has less power consumption, saving unit steelmaking electric consumption, save production cost, energy saving!
     ③Due to the fewer changes of graphite electrode, it will have less operating workers labor and danger coefficient, improve the production efficiency.
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